Thursday, June 23, 2005

Wherein I ramble about varioius things

Ramble 1: The other day Diane T. was calling James in from outside. When she called a couple of times, he hollered back from the sand box, "I'm innocent!" (Oh really?!?)

Ramble 2: I think that the "Five and Dime" store should be upgraded to the "Eighty-eight cents" store. At least that seems to be Wal-Mart's idea. I'm not griping about inflation, just pointing out facts. Which, speaking of facts, $.88 water guns are a great buy for little boys who need some new entertainment. They sparked all sorts of creativity today.

They squirted each other, "killed" the trees and rocks, all flowers became enemies of the foursome force here, and then they turned on each other for a battle to the death...ok, maybe just unto the thoroughly saturated clothing. When thirsty, they shot themselves in the mouth and then we had all sorts of variations on the play- a) jumping up and down in the water bucket that fills the guns, b) shooting Mama through the screen door inside the kitchen, c) everybody get James cause he likes it d) nobody squirt Jonathon cause he doesn't like it e) squirt Mr. Hansen- which I think is a bad idea because he takes revenge on little people :-) , f) spraying the hose all over the driveway instead of filling up the water gun, g) I suppose I could go on, but I would have to work hard now and I don't want to.

Seriously, you should all consider an investment in this quality entertainment. $.88 is a hard bargain to beat!

Ramble 3: I have a mere three days before I loose my oldest slave. Please, everyone mourn with me... and send flowers too. No, seriously, I have been very blessed with some great help since Rachel's birth and Jane will be leaving at the end of this week. I don't know what I would have done without her. I still don't think she came from the same family as the rest of us, she doesn't really do any typical things- like argue, have intense opinions, or drink coffee, so who's is she??? We may never know, but I'll keep her. I suppose she looks enough like us that we have to claim her anyway.

Ramble 4: I have nasty secret that could possibly be used as blackmail on Brandon, but since he would just pull out something much nastier to use on me, I'll just tell you that this evening he hung his sunglasses on the fire alarm- sprinkler head thingy in our kitchen. He thinks this is a good place to store them! For all you recent Fairwood you know... he HAS done something wrong- once.

Ramble 5: Recently, Brandon has been trying to get Jonathon to say, "God is not the author of confusion!" and then bang his fist on the table authoritativly. Most times, Jonathon just says something like, "God is not confusion" and James mimicks, "God has a contusion!" They mostly just want to pound their fists I think.

Ramble 6: I wish I could have gotten a good picture of what was taking place outside the window here just now, but alas, the camera battery is currently DEAD! Ok, so I'll tell you instead.
Picture this: Three boys lined up- James looking fierce with his yellos squirt gun that's too hard for him to shoot. He's on the left. Jonathon, with a purple squirt gun (half empty- they only hold about three tablespoons anyway), slightly concerned that he may get wet on the right. And....drum roll please... Goliath in the middle...ok, ok, that's what my children probably thought, but really it was Clyde- with two squirt guns (there, that makes it scary). So anyway, there they are, sauntering down the driveway, looking like they've been riding horses for days and out pops the masked evil ANT of DEATH...I mean AUNT of DEATH. She's clad in her light blue chaps and a shirt made of pure steel, with her face shield properly in place...uh...err...swim goggles- yeah. And eeeek, she has a stick, I mean long scary big sword with which to slice you into a thousand chunks if you but sniff in her direction. So, the fight begins, and lo and behold, Goliath and the Philistines win and send the AoD (aod...hmmm...sounds like a scary Tolkein figure) screaming back to her cave- my house, that is, looking for recruits, where she finds none. The guys win the day and are begging for more.

Mostly, I just wanted you to know how silly my sister looked :-), but she was dutifully entertaining my children, so it's justified...sort of. Hehe

Ok, now I must go do more motherly things, like send my children off to bed under the threat of impending doom upon their bodies if they choose to resist or even chirp a negative sound in my general direction. Ok, really, I might just tell them it's time to come inside.

Have a lovely...


DJ said...

Yeah for boys who like to bang their fists and tell everyone God is injured!!!

drewey fern said...

Hee hee hee - I laughed a lot at this post! Where in the world did James learn the all-too-useful phrase "I'm innocent!"?? (I'm always so impressed when my nephews pull out things like that, and ask them where they learned them. They usually say it was Davie, but he can't have taught them everything!) Anyway, great story telling. And I'm sorry you're losing Jane, but happy that she's coming my way!

Mrs. RF said...

Hey, next time your battery is dead you can borrow one of mine! I have 2 extra!

We laughed about James' proclomation of innocence.

Claire said...

I liked the phrase " chirp a negative sound." I think I will use it with the girls.

JBT2 said...

I was wondering about jane too, she's too sweet to be from our family. But she's our's now if anyone tries to take her away... I just have to kill them I guess.

CoolBeans said...

Being the Mother I am, I know something about Jane's whereabouts...Blake and I had FOUR children and we felt tired and through having children. We did not want to rid ourselves of the current 4 but did not want to increase our load. Through one of our favorite Bible teachers, Bill Gothard, God pointed out He(God) knew best what we needed and encouraged us to have as many as He(God) would send. We surrendered. About that time two or three young ladies about age 9-11 from our church came to us with their problem and wanting Blake and I to solve it. They loved Roy. At age 2 1/2, he decided he was too big to be hauled around by them and the girls wanted a new infant to shower their affections upon.The question was asked," May we go over to the church and pray for God to give you another baby?" We gave them permission and they rushed in about 30 minutes later with this big news, "Miss Carol, Miss Carol, we prayed for twins!" Now God asnswered that pray with only one child but she has certinly been a double blessing. And I could work up many tears of gratefulness to God for Jane and her three sisters that I thought I never wanted. I am so glad I can now see clearly God does know more than me. I just need to remember it all the time.

TripleNine said...

Aod sounds like another female who would pop out of the main house long enough to through a few snowballs and then run back inside. Guys winning the day, just the way it should be. :-)